Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery - Anne Sexton

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1302"My heart talks about nothing but you." - Albert Camus, from The Just
401"You’ll never lose me through any fault of mine." - Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins
185"No one has ever loved you like I love you." - Albert Camus, from The Just
286"It’s easy, it’s so much easier to die of your contradictions than to live with them." - Albert Camus, from The Just


I travel for you around the world, collecting moments, oh how absurd! To bring you beauty, to bring you joy…

697"That’s why I like you so much. Your heart isn’t dead." - Albert Camus, from The Just
247"Deep feelings always mean more than they are conscious of saying. Great feelings take with them their own universe, splendid or abject.They light up with their passion an exclusive world in which they recognize their climate." - Albert Camus, from Essays

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211"The heart remains unchanged under it all." - W.B. Yeats, from The Hour Glass
312"When one gets quiet; then something wakes up inside one, something happy and quiet like the stars—" - W.B. Yeats, from The Hour Glass

What lies before me’s a future that’s stormy; a winter that’s gray and cold
Unless there’s magic, the end will be tragic and echo a tale that’s been told so often

My life revolves about you. What earthly good am I without you?
Oh, I tell you I mean it: I’m all for you body and soul

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286"Vague memories, nothing but memories." - W.B. Yeats, from Collected Poems

"…the simplicity of a child,
And that proud look as though she had gazed into the burning sun…”

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