Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery. - Anne Sexton

Anonymous said: Why exactly do you find science boring?

Because it leaves me cold, it doesn’t excite my brain in the slightest way, it basically makes me feel nothing and guess what I’m an emotional vampire


Anonymous said: Do you associate with people that don't study lit and enjoy their company??



Anonymous said: You can answer to that message as sarcastically as you please and feel very cool but that anon is right. Not only you, but lots of English lit student feel so fucking superior to other students because you feel like you're the only one doing sth interesting and deep and you're so brave for going to school and reading books.

You’re probably the same anon only you’ve tried too hard to minimize the caps lock use which indicates your agressive tendencies. Let me tell you what: Go rant to someone who gives a shit. What you’re describing is nothing but a cheap generalization



am i allowed to listen to last christmas in july


Tor  | Glass And Stone

Oh it was a sad and a rainy night
And the rain did rain his lady gay
Never a fire nor a candle light
Die in my bower anymore


In my head there’s a warrior

and it’s a war to feel whole
and it’s a fear to feel at all […]

" - Chelsea Wolfe, from Ancestors, The Ancients
175"I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you’re gone." - Chelsea Wolfe, from The Way We Used To

sympa-thetic said: Fave amy song?

Wake Up Alone


"…will you go there with me 
when it’s said in the dark and you know it’s always there 
when it’s dead in our heart but your mind is unafraid 
when it’s said in the dark and you know it’s never coming back 
when it’s there in your heart in your mind you set it free…”


Anonymous said: Well I'm SORRY WE CAN'T ALL STUDY LIT AND LAW DISGUSTS YOU. Holy shit you and all the other English students are SOOOO fucking cool and SOOO fucking interesting but the rest of us, who study chemistry/law/medicine were are so EW and uninteresting. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? We read because we want to not because we have to, bitch.

attack paranormal


Anonymous said: I asked whether you enjoyed Tarkovsky because There was a scene in Tarkovsky's mirror where alexei talks with his mum and the camera just slowly pans and oh my, I don't know why but that scene left me breathless. I was unable to think about anything but that. It was strange, it sort of made me feel helpless. It was beyond words. I watched the scene three times and each time it had the same effect


Anonymous said: What would be ur dream job?

A professional cinderella


Anonymous said: i remember how once you told that you found science--very drab, unexciting and uninspiring in totality. what's your opinion of the subject/study of LAW as compared to lit. i mean it's still language--you cud take it as a hybrid of lit and science/logic perhaps?

no no no ew


Anonymous said: I just started following you & I've seen a lot of posts about an Amy. Who is that?

"AN Amy" more like "THE Amy"

/ past