Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surger.y - Anne Sexton

Anonymous said: the whole eye contact thing, its happened to me before but i never know what to do in the situation... like afterwards i cant talk to boys w/out sounding like a tool

u may be a virgin but stop acting like one…!!! ;)


Anonymous said: I had eye contact with a guy and we didn't take out eyes off each other for a solid 4 seconds and there was explosive chemistry it was so subconscious and complete hehe I just had to tell someone about it

…και να μην ορμάτε γιατί θα κυκλοφορώ με καρυδοθράυστη και τανάλια που σπάει καρύδια.


Anonymous said: The fuck does morbid mean

It means Poe my friend

3613"She really looked at things. Her eyes shimmered as if she were making every object more resplendent. Her eyes were open. She looked at the great…space that swept around her. She surveyed its contours. The gift? She knew the language of lines, of waves, of angles. Light and shadow. It was all there." - Anne Delbée, on Camille Claudel

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Anonymous said: She romanticizes death, you don't. What do you enjoy about her music?

are you one of these people who think flower bands are morbid


Anonymous said: Violent break

indeed but I’m on vacation


Anonymous said: Hello, i've been following you for a while and you are basically perfection ! :) I wanted to ask you who is your favourite character from Harry Potter and why?

Errol because he hit the window so hard


Anonymous said: Hi! I know I don't know the real you but somehow I think you're really awesome. The things you post on tumblr, the replies you give people are just down right brilliant. I wish I could meet a person like you. Cos I think you're really the kind of person I would love spending time with. (:

thank you


Anonymous said: You say you find scorpios fascinating but I am an incredibly boring individual. I can't even form coherent conversations and nothing clever ever comes to my head. Do you have any ideas on how to become a more interesting person because at the moment I just want to shoot my mediocre ass.

swallow da poison


Anonymous said: Why are people ripping you apart for liking Lana? It's stupid, really. Half of them probably listen to country music.

because I’m sooo innerly cultivated and deep it doesn’t go well with my tumblr aura to like her because she’s obviously too mainstream of an artist or whatever to be on my blog


MoMA - The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh 

Anonymous said: Do you ever wonder why people think you are so rude .

Because they love to sugarcoat their stupidity too much and exchange empty compliments but they just don’t dig honesty enough you know what I mean…and they call it “rudeness”

24098"Above us, only stars. Below us, only stars. To all sides, only stars. Inside us, only stars." - Welcome to Night Vale

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womenlikeher said: Hello, i would like to ask if you have a goodreads account and if so, you could post your username. I think you have an interesting personality and a good taste in literature. However, i will understand if you don't feel sharing. I'm sorry for bothering you but even if i tried to look through your blog about it, i didn't find something. Thank you in advance.

Hello, no, I don’t have a goodreads account. It just doesn’t suit me as a site, idk. Thank you for your words!

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