Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery - Anne Sexton

Is there a word — is there a face I know not of
that could perhaps explain?

No. No. All lies. I never needed an explanation.
I wanted the music. Craved it badly.
I treaded upon the echoes.
I found voicelessness and pursued it as well.

The thought is the lie, the sentiment recreates
the beginning.

I am here.
My mind is not doing the trick anymore.
I am here.

There goes your explanation.
It comes with a presence.
It is honest.
It sings.

" - Anne Sexton, from The Complete Poems: Presence
1045"[I] became a woman who learned her own skin and dug into her soul and found it full." - Anne sexton, from The Break Away 

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394"I’m quite naturally a loving, affectionate person. But then, even that can get to be a bore." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
240"I zapped into your life and I’m so glad I did. I’ll never really zap out." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
700"I take it you want to be a poet…well then you must work. Spots of brilliance is not enough. I’ve been the whole trip myself. It wasn’t until I learned to work my guts out that a true poem came into being. Get to work, man, and let the publishing come in its own time even if it’s 15 years from now. No matter. Fight for the poem. Put your energy into it. Force discipline upon madness. You can do it. I did it. Why not you? Guard yourself from the easy thing. Push for the stars, or, at least, go back and push one poem all the way up there. And then another." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters

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250"I just sat here this last hour rereading our letters…watching them become so full of understanding and of love, noting that they began that way right off; remembering how far we’ve come and how much, in our way, we have shared…I notice, through all the letters, that we both keep asking the other not to think so much of “me” (the one who writes), as if we were afraid to be thought as good and true…afraid of the pedestal the other kept putting us on. Afraid to be loved when inside we both knew we couldn’t possibly be lovable. That’s what we keep doing. We are both afraid! And now I am…even more…because I am afraid I influenced you to think of a sort of a world that exists in our letters. But, in truth, for me, in my world, our letters have existed! Have indeed! And meant a great deal to me and have become an important part of my life. In a way we were both snobs…were, not are. Something happened in between and it is real…Perhaps, I am saying that our relationship just isn’t part of the world, but it is part of mine." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
644"…I love you. I wish we were real. We aren’t, but we are just as real as is humanly possible." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
593"All is an emotional chaos. Poetry and poetry alone has saved my life." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
449"I have loved, really loved, a few people and it always seemed to be tragic or something equally neurotic. When I am with you I feel happy. I guess that sentence says the whole thing and says what I meant in the first place. It isn’t only that you make no demands on me as a woman but that you don’t feel you have to and yet I still feel like a woman. Well, damn it, there isn’t anything wrong with a wild romantic fantasy and it is the warmest blurting forth to tell you that I feel comfortable with you AND that you attract me (all at once). What I meant is simply that I love you…but I’m not in love with you…that it isn’t necessary to be IN love with you. Maybe you don’t know it, damn it…but there aren’t many around like you (not any). You make me happy but that doesn’t meant I own any of you. None of that is fantasy." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
817"I say to myself, why must I hide from the thing I love the most?" - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
261"I was feeling so goddamned lousy, and there were so many people afterwards, that I turned around once, and you were gone. And I felt even more terrible." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
578"I wonder if the artist ever lives his life — he is too busy recreating it. To create is to live. Only as I write do I realize myself. I don’t know what that does to “life”." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
274"Still, I am a very stubborn person and a doer of things. I must write this poem, and I must write it better than I can write." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
231"She is close by always and knows me. No one else who is within my reach allows me to be real or to think." - Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters
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