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“How long have you been into women?”

Gosh Frankie.

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"But personally,I think she deserves more than a total fuck-up,don’t you?"

Seriously I love Heather and her portrayal but this line simply made me hate Sam’s guts once and for all. Frankie’s face…I wanted to hug her so bad. 


Lip Service 2x01: All the feelings are flooding me.

  • On the whole the ep was phenomenal. Ruta and Laura look more gorgeous than ever. I have to say,in every close up I was literally holding my freaking breath. Laura’s face…Ruta’s longer hair. My babies are bloody hot. Cat/Frankie DEAR LORD. How amazing these two were? The sexual tension in practically all their scenes and especially the ohsoamazing bathroom scene,the “What do you care?”/”You know I do” scene,the parallels in the opening; Frankie staring at Cat’s window just like 1x01,Frankie sending Cat something from their past aka the old postcard. Classic Francat at its best. I hope they don’t reduce it only to a physical thing though.
  • Sam darling,I dare you to be more boring. Idga. Cat is in love with fucking Frankie. I can’t even feel sorry for you and probably I’m being a harsh biased bitch but idk,I don’t care. 
  • Lexy/Frankie bromance is good. Lexy is nice although she didn’t make me much of an impression. Tbh I thought her witty humour in her first scene with Tess was actually quite…annoying? But yeah,good interaction with Frankie was good. But still so far I didn’t feel she added anything new to the series. It’s too early to judge but whatever. Sadie was much cooler though? I loved her in that tiny scene of hers.
  • That Fin chick,what the actual fuck? My poor baby Tess DITCH HER ALREADY. Tess is losing her touch by getting all these repetitive storylines going on for her. Job drama is so Season 1. I’d have liked also more scenes with her and Ed. 
  • Frankie had some badass lines I’m sure everyone shall appreciate whether they like her or not. 

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