Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery. - Anne Sexton
287"This has all happened before
but nothing here is obsolete.
Everything here is possible." - Anne Sexton, from It Is A Spring Afternoon
354"Blue eyes wash off sometimes.
They have already torn up the sky
for they have torn off its color." - Anne Sexton, from Letters To Dr. Y.
656"Aren’t there enough words
flowing in your veins
to keep you going." - Margaret Atwood, from The Shadow Voice
859"Imaginary pains are by far the most real we suffer, since we feel a constant need for them and invent them because there is no way of doing without them." - E.M. Cioran, from The Trouble With Being Born
218"Self-knowledge — the bitterest knowledge of all and also the kind we cultivate least: what is the use of catching ourselves out, morning to night, in the act of illusion, pitilessly tracing each act back to its root, and losing case after case before our own tribunal?" - E.M. Cioran, from The Trouble With Being Born
342"True contact between beings is established only by mute presence, by apparent non-communication, by that mysterious and wordless exchange which resembles inward prayer." - E.M. Cioran, from The Trouble With Being Born
605"Write books only if you are going to say in them the things you would never dare confide to anyone." - E.M. Cioran, from The Trouble With Being Born
228"You were looking for the key for years
But the door was always open!" - Aravind Adiga, from The White Tiger
212"If only there were stillness, full, complete." - Rainer Maria Rilke, from The Book Of Hours
463"I listen always. Give me the slightest sign.
I’m very near." - Rainer Maria Rilke, from You, Neighbor God, If Sometimes In The Night
740"I always think of you, truly
I will forever think of you." - Serge Van Duijnhoven, from With A Sleeping Body
but what is poetry.
More than one flimsy answer
has been given to that question.
And I don’t know, and don’t know, and I
cling to it as to a life line." - Wislawa Szymborska, from Some People Like Poetry
284"I was full of feelings and impressions.
Now it’s all
like dots in brackets." - Wislawa Szymborska, from 16th May 1973
635"I have faith in nights." - Rainer Maria Rilke, from You Darkness, That I Come From
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