Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery. - Anne Sexton
171"There is a hole in the sky
It’s like the hole in my heart
Feel like a stone in deep water
wondering what made me sink
there is no further down
And no further down." - Papercut, from Black Dog
235"I wish you couldn’t figure me out
but you always wanna know what I was about." - Kate Nash, from The Nicest Thing
360"I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep." - Kate Nash, from The Nicest Thing

"…and remember all these things you let float away…"


"…I love you just a little too much…"

429"Let me grab your soul away." - Kate Bush, from Wuthering Heights
857"I hated you. I loved you, too." - Kate Bush, from Wuthering Heights

"…and don’t you know you’re life itself?"

566"Hold on to my hands,
I feel I’m sinking, sinking without you." - The Cranberries, from When You’re Gone 

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In my head there’s a warrior

and it’s a war to feel whole
and it’s a fear to feel at all […]

" - Chelsea Wolfe, from Ancestors, The Ancients
379"I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you’re gone." - Chelsea Wolfe, from The Way We Used To

"…will you go there with me 
when it’s said in the dark and you know it’s always there 
when it’s dead in our heart but your mind is unafraid 
when it’s said in the dark and you know it’s never coming back 
when it’s there in your heart in your mind you set it free…”


"…when you talk it’s like a movie and you’re making me crazy…"

870"…I’m so completely yours." - Billie Holiday, from Don’t Explain
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