Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery - Anne Sexton

y’all, listen to this fucking album

105234"I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don’t ask…I won’t tell." - Yes

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*drinks water to avoid talking*

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reblog this if your icon is your favorite person ever

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am I the only one who really likes it when ur holding someone’s hand and they just rub their thumb across yours

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Ugh such a pleasant feeling to be back without quite being back but still enjoying these past few days; I feel srangely nostalgic and I brought myself to listen to Sóley and god, I had missed the vibe of "I’ll drown" and "Pretty Face" so much; these songs have stayed with me for so long — suddenly it’s like I’m digging up past memories without feeling the need to overthink them or cling to them…I’m just aware that they exist irrespective of the future & that I still carry them and music always intensifies things so much but it’s perfectly okay. Anyway, I bet I put the whole sensation on a pedestal myself because I crave intensity?  At any rate, it’s good to feel a memory without hurting and it’s good to see this woman playing live, I swear to God, for those of you who are not familiar with her…you truly need to give the entire of "We Sink" a listen, it’s one of the most breathtaking albums I’ve come across by sheer luck but ahh her voice smells of October and I’m perfectly willing to lose myself in her piano keys


leaving, leaving, bye everyone <3

remember when

77743"I need a cigarette." - me after anything

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Anonymous said: What kind of girls (personality and look wise) do you find yourself attracted to?

I like brilliant, confident, wildly narcissistic, spontaneous, charismatic, intense and untamed people; people with a heart, people with a mind. People who have both and use both. I like people who think without thinking. I like people who stand out. I like people who are self-aware and straightforward. I like people who make their presence felt above all and people who embody what they are and conceal nothing for they carry within them enigmatic genuineness as well as brutal honesty. I like people who tell you where to go. I like people who would rather burn out than fade away. I like people who wouldn’t take any of my reading recommendations. I like people who dominate and seduce through their gaze. I like people who make me feel like waiting. I like people who can shut the fuck up and do their own thing. I like people who are self-destructive and vulnerable. I like people who value the moment and know when to let go. I like people who can just sit and chill with me. I like people who keep me on the alert and cause me to feel restless. I like people who see through stuff and pay close attention to details. I like people for whom I’d literally scream “crawling back to youu” from the top of my lungs. I also very much like Shane McCutcheon, what does that tell you



I like especially in the morning that moment of waking up, that first sharp conscious intake of breath and the cold, damp air filling my chest like an angiogram of ice, and when my eyes flicker open and the morning light, at first translucent, flares and fills everything as if curtains had been thrown open to a darkroom


recommend any good silent movies that you love?

467417"There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 a.m. with its empty streets and cold wind." - Yes

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Somewhere between fuck you and I’d fuck you

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