Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery - Anne Sexton
193"I’ve forgotten things, I’ve forgotten that I’ve forgotten them." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
179"You made me believe I was nothing." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
107"She’s mimicking something, something in her head, some role or image that only she can see." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
297"The important parts exist in the silences between the words." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
421"Knowing too much about other people puts you in their power, they have a claim on you, you are forced to understand their reasons for doing things and then you are weakened." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
238"I no longer need them. I am indifferent to them. There’s something hard in me, crystalline, a kernel of glass." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
196"In a way I admired her. I admired her lack of compunction, the courage of her bad manners, the energy of simple rage. Throwing a bag of spaghetti had a simplicity to it, a recklessness, a careless grandeur. It got things over with. I was a long way, then, from being able to do anything like it myself." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
163"I begin to spend time outside my body without falling over. At these times I feel blurred, as if there are two of me, one superimposed on the other, but imperfectly. There’s an edge of transparency, and beside it a rim of solid flesh that’s without feeling, like a scar. I can see what’s happening, I can hear what’s being said to me, but I don’t have to pay any attention. My eyes are open but I’m not there. I’m off to the side." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
337"I know too much to be good. I know myself. I know myself to be vengeful, greedy, secretive and sly." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
237"I’ve begun to feel not gladness, but relief. I can walk without seeing how I look from the back, talk without hearing the way I sound. I go for long periods without saying anything at all. I can be free of words now, I can lapse back into wordlessness, I can sink back into the rhythms of transience as if into bed." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
219"I’m expected to behave as if nothing has ever happened. But it’s hard for me to do this, because I feel I’m always being watched. At any time I may step over some line I don’t even know is there." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
151"In the moment just before giving, I am loved." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
490"Hatred would have been easier. With hatred, I would have known what to do. Hatred is clear, metallic, one-handed, unwavering; unlike love." - Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye
358"You may have discovered entire new countries in your own soul." - Virginia Woolf in a letter to Vita Sackville-West 
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