Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery - Anne Sexton
17"Wherever you are now, inside my head you fix me
with a look, standing here whilst cool late light
dissolves into the earth." - Carol Ann Duffy, from Miles Away
54"I wanted to be wanted […]" - Richard Siken, from Little Beast
196"In one way or another I’ve always suffered. I didn’t know why exactly, but I do know that I’m not so scared of suffering now. I feel more than I’ve ever felt and I’ve found someone to feel with, to play with, to love in a way that feels right for me." - Secretary (2002)
191"In the heat of her hands I thought, This is the campfire that mocks the sun. This place will warm me, feed me and care for me. I will hold on to this pulse against other rhythms. The world will come and go in the tide of a day but here is her hand with my future in its palm." - Jeanette Winterson, from Written On The Body

Is there a word — is there a face I know not of
that could perhaps explain?

No. No. All lies. I never needed an explanation.
I wanted the music. Craved it badly.
I treaded upon the echoes.
I found voicelessness and pursued it as well.

The thought is the lie, the sentiment recreates
the beginning.

I am here.
My mind is not doing the trick anymore.
I am here.

There goes your explanation.
It comes with a presence.
It is honest.
It sings.

" - Anne Sexton, from The Complete Poems: Presence
387"all of me
breathes you in […]" - Margaret Atwood, from Yes At First
248"It’s always right now." - Mason, from Boyhood

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558"To live is to be
uncertain." - Erica Jong, from You Are There
465"You want to think something, you always have the impression that it’s all right, that you’re going to understand and then it slips, it escapes you and fades away." - Jean-Paul Sartre, from The Wall
805"Please destroy me, please destroy me, please destroy me." - Devendra Banhart

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494"She changes from a girl into a boy and back to a girl carelessly and happily. She sleeps easily and beautifully and you will sleep too because all you truly know is that you feel good." - Ernest Hemingway, from The Garden Of Eden
1126"If this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything." - Skins (2010)
202"My novel is going nowhere, I don’t have an income, I’m quite evidently insane. I can’t work, and yet I know I’ll become completely sterile if I can’t have this girl. I would never have thought I could be so foolish as this. And the knowledge of my own folly gives me happiness to cancel out my unhappiness, and I am more confused than ever […] With all my skepticism, for all my self-analysis, I’m in love. And I know it’s poison." - Joseph Roth, from a letter to Friedrich Trangott Gubler
265"But you are a poet and need not go into the fields to bring back flowers. Don’t complain about not having learned. There is nothing to know. Even what is called technical competence is not properly speaking knowledge, because it does not exist outside of the mysterious association of our memory and the skill acquired by our own inventiveness when it comes in contact with words. Knowledge, in the sense of a thing that is all done outside ourselves and that can be learned as in the sciences, counts for nothing in art. On the contrary, it is when the scientific connections between words have disappeared from our minds and have taken on a life in which the chemical elements are forgotten in a new individuality, that the technique, the skill that recognizes their antipathies, humors their wishes, knows their beauty, conveys their forms, assorts their affinities, can begin. And this exists only when a creature is a soul and no longer so much carbon, so much phosphorus, etc. So you love words, you don’t harm them, you play with them, you confide your secrets to them, you teach them how to paint, you teach them how to sing." - Marcel Proust, from The Letters Of Marcel Proust
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