Meanwhile in my head, I'm undergoing open-heart surgery. - Anne Sexton
908"rage, rage against the dying of the light." - from “do not go gentle into that good night,” dylan thomas

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"I just want to take an interest
in what dominates me…”

222"I was so bored yesterday evening
two packs of cigarettes did absolutely nothing for me.
Tried to write, wrote nothing.
For the first time in years I played the violin,
walked around,
watched people play backgammon
and made appropriate comments,
sang songs off key,
caught flies — a matchboxful.
Finally, dammit!
I came here to see you…" - Orhan Veli Kanik, from The Visitor
369"You want to believe
you can turn emotion’s flood
into living waters
from which you’ll emerge whole,
dazzling like the sun." - Rachel Barenblat, from Standing At The Edge
586"It’s love or it isn’t." - Richard Siken, from The Dislocated Room
oh, I have those; they
govern me." -  Louise Glück, from The Red Poppy
619"The painting of flowers
next to the painting of flames,
and I remember that time, years ago,
when the psychiatrist said, “You feel too much,
you are too sensitive, take these,”

giving me a bottle of pills. I took them
to the beach, watched light become flame
on the water, and along the ragged cliffs,
small flowers like blue stars,
the world a painting
I couldn’t live in.
I opened the bottle, then put it down,
pills spilling on the sand.
Waves carried the flames
and didn’t mind the burning,
the arising from and disappearing
into the vastness. I swam,
let the waves take me,
then treaded water, looking at the sky,
a silver tray full
of the most beautiful nothing.
I swam back, the water was black,
I could sink beyond caring,
but I wanted to live,
to be there
with the beauty and the burning
and let it be too much." - Susan Browne, from In The Art Gallery 

"I felt a funeral in my brain…"

396"You don’t need to be taught to cry.
The soul presses a button.
Is the cry saying something?
Does it mean help?
Or hello?" - Anne Sexton, from Hurry Up Please It’s Time
248"I am aging without sound
into darkness, darkness." - Anne Sexton, from Baby Picture

"…I’m an ocean-going vessel
but you are a ceiling made of wood…”

Anne Sexton, from Grandfather, Your Wound

192"Nothing is less real than realism. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meanings of things" - Georgia O’Keefe, from "Art is not Photography, it is expression of inner life! Miss Georgia O’Keefe Subjective Aspect of Her Work," New York Sun, December 25, 1922
276"One day you’ll be blind like me. You’ll be sitting here, a speck in the void, in the dark, forever, like me. One day you’ll say to yourself, I’m tired, I’ll sit down, and you’ll go and sit down. Then you’ll say, I’m hungry, I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up. You’ll say, I shouldn’t have sat down, but since I have I’ll sit on a little longer, then I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up and you won’t get anything to eat.You’ll look at the wall a while, then you’ll say, I’ll close my eyes, perhaps have a little sleep, after that I’ll feel better, and you’ll close them. And when you open them again there’ll be no wall any more. Infinite emptiness will be all around you, all the resurrected dead of all the ages wouldn’t fill it, and there you’ll be like a little bit of grit in the middle of the steppe. Yes, one day you’ll know what it is, you’ll be like me, except that you won’t have anyone with you, because you won’t have had pity on anyone and because there won’t be anyone left to have pity on you." - Samuel Beckett, from Endgame

"Agonía, agonía, sueño, fermente & sueño.
Este es el mundo, amigo, agonía, agonía…”

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